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Stallion Spotlight – Revolution

REVOLUTION is a lovely young stallion stationed at Helgstrand Dressage that I have been following, and due to his absolute drool-worthiness, he is the first STALLION SPOTLIGHT on DD!



The Stats – 

  • Registered name – Revolution (registered name originally Royal Marash)
  • Breed – Hanoverian
  • Foal date – 2013
  • Height – 176 cm
  • Approved for Hanoverian, Westphalian, Rhinelander, Oldenburg, Mecklenburg and all southern German breeding associations, also approved DWB
  • Accolades – Premium stallion, Hannover, 2015
    Premium stallion, DWB, 2016Soverign winner of the Performance Test, 2016
  • Purchased at auction for 1.2 million Euro, Revolution broke the record for German stallion auctions at the Hanoverian licensing in Verden Fall 2015.
  • Semen can be acquired from Helgstrand for 1.500 Euro + VAT, through Superior Equine Sires for $1,050 (+ 325 shipping for USA), or through Yancey Farms at $925 (+fees) per dose.

Bloodline Info From Helgstrand & Yancey Farms –

Revolution’s sire, the premium stallion Rocky Lee, is considered one of the best sons by the top stallion Rock Forever.  Rocky Lee is already competing at PSG and Intermediare I and his sire, Rock Forever, is a well admired Grand Prix dressage stallion and sire.
Revolution’s dam Rochelle debuts for the first time on the international tribune with this amazing son. With her thoroughbred maternal bloodline mixed with well-reputed Hanoverian blood through the stallions Wendenburg and Derneburg, she meets all pedigree criteria for a modern dam of stallions.  The dam sire Rouletto, who was successful in S dressage, is known for his offspring with high rideability at top level.  The dam sire of Rochelle is the Hannoverian Wendenburg who was a good producing stallion by the fabulous, venerable Wendekreis who consistently produced very good, willing riding horses.

Collected Comments and Impressions – 

Revolution is a very tall modern stallion.  At his licensing he appeared to be very well behaved with an excellent temperament and lovely movement.  I like to think that I am pretty picky, and can usually find something I’d like to see improved upon in many young stallions, but watching Revolution go takes my breath away – in each gait he shows such willingness and elasticity.  His canter is particularly stunning and ridiculously uphill, and hopefully the quality of it will remain when they start to work him towards collection!

Breeders seem to be most interested in pairing him with refined and compact mares who present willingness to collect and tend to throw that in their offspring, as one of the biggest concerns with these lovely, young, large moving stallions is how they will cope with the pressure and demands of collection.  Revolution seems suited to a breeder looking to add bone, height/length of leg, and willing temperament.  Judging by his first foal crop (although they are still very young), he is producing leggy, friendly offspring with good/improved bone, shoulder, and joint articulation.

I have heard varying reports of his semen quality on a breeders forum that I frequent.  Some are saying that their repro vets are stating it has good motility and a high count, and others reporting they are having trouble getting a pregnancy.  The overall consensus seems to be that it is not rocket fuel, but it is good quality with the average forward motility around 40-50%, and a range from 20-60%.

This gorgeous young stallion is on my dream roster, and watching him and his offspring develop will be an exciting process!


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