Isley pulling focus from the product like a DIVA

Because I am a shiny hoarder, if I see something horse related online that is a new breed of shiny I lose all will power and order it immediately (and often in multiples so I can put it in a pile and sit atop it like a weird glitter-tack dragon) .  Its a fact of life that I have accepted (there are worse vices to have, right? RIGHT?!) and will not be seeing a counselor about this particular quirk of mine, thank you very much.

Unfortunately for me in the USA – Europe is the motherland of fun and shiny tack, so trying on is usually impossible, and shipping is often very expensive (so honestly it makes sense to buy these things in bulk – let me here all those enablers out there say “YES it makes SENSE!!”).  Fortunately you have me, your friendly online dressage goods hoarder to do the dirty work for you and give you the details on if these things are worth the price of shipping.

Purchasing – I ordered these boots from – they come in sizes pony, cob, and horse.  I ordered horse for fronts and hinds because Isley is 17hh and leggy, even though he is fairly slender.  For reference, he wears M DSB boots in front (can wear large) and L DSB boots behind.  I received my boots in a timely manner considering they were coming from the UK, although they mistakenly sent me one set Cob, one set Full.  Matchy Dressage has excellent customer service and sent me my other full set very quickly with no fuss.

Fit – I would not recommend these boots for horses with larger legs!  The cob size fit Isley width wise ok (not ideally), but were clearly too short. I would say they would be perfect on a 15-16hh ish horses with light, normal, and medium bone.  They might be fine on a stockier horse but I like my boots with lots of overlap, and on these boots the hologram is so cool that it was important to me to not see any velcro.  The horse size boots could be a littler taller behind, but they fit just fine.

Quality – I have not used them a ton (I’ve been saving them for special occasions like horse roller derby night or pony disco parties ever since my trainer Nina strongly suggested I not wear them to clinics and shows) – but they seem to be excellent in design and quality.  They are very thick and have a stiff protective layer inside that I really, really, like.  Where they are covering on the leg would be well protected in case of impact or overreach.  They also seem like they would be difficult to remove if a naughty baby horse named Isley were to try and free himself from the confines of horsewear and run naked in the turnout like he always tries to do.  I doubt they would be hard to clean as they seem to be vinyl, however I would worry that they might scuff with regular use and mess with the super shine they have going on currently.

All things considered these boots are SO fun and unique, and I really like this style of protective boot for dressage.  Because of the fit limitations I can’t say they are perfect, but come on – HOLOGRAMS!

Isley is very unenthused about modeling