Today was Isley’s last ride at home before leaving for his second show ever this weekend.  I had my trainer Nina ride him today as a last minute tune up before I ruin all her hard work this weekend, but even that did not go as planned.  Isley has been fairly tense since moving to a new facility on the 1st of May, and it manifested today with some loose poops and spooks at nothing.  One of the other young horses at the barn has mastered the art of breaking away from his handlers and going for an unguided tour of the property, and he did so while Isley was being ridden.  Thank goodness my trainer had enough presence of mind to cleanly dismount as soon as she saw a loose horse bolting towards her, I most likely would have stared dumbly at the oncoming disaster and promptly gotten dumped on my butt.  Nevertheless, Isley didn’t do much more after that than some trot work and some stretchy walking to combat the tension he was showing.  Fingers crossed he settles at the show tomorrow!

He did look awfully handsome today, it seems like he’s growing every minute – He’s almost 17hh!  Nina wouldn’t let me take a picture unless I wiped off her boots first – its a glamorous life!

Isley today with Nina aboard